05 February 2018 Category: News

Staff from The Telemarketing Company recently attended agency meetings at the Miele Centre in Gütersloh, just outside Dusseldorf. The meeting brought together key personnel from the Miele marketing team, and agency partners from across the UK to kick start joint marketing activities for 2018.

The visit included a tour of Miele’s facilities and showrooms, as well as their R&D department, museum and state-of-the-art production facility, providing agency staff with an update on the latest product enhancements and technological developments.

In addition to telemarketing, agency specialisms cut across research and PR, advertising, social and digital media, email, direct mail and graphic design. The visit provided an opportunity for the group to brainstorm new ideas, design and develop multi-channel, cross-sector campaigns to further extend the reach of Miele products into the market.

The two day meeting is part of an ongoing collaboration and a true partnership approach, which takes full advantage of each channel and the skills of each agency within a fully integrated strategy.

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