27 September 2017 Category: News

Robust lead qualification and streamlined approach generate four conversions per hour for YourParkingSpace Inbound Campaign

YourParkingSpace was first launched in July 2006 as a platform for renting out empty driveways. The proposition now encompasses a wide range of options including driveways, private off-street parking spaces, lock-up garages and, significantly, spaces from property management companies and commercial car park operators.

YourParkingSpace found that their in-house resource could not handle the volume of leads generated by an inbound campaign. Leads needed to be qualified and followed up in a timely manner, and moved quickly down the pipeline for conversion, rather than building a growing pile of rapidly aging enquiries.

The Telemarketing Company was tasked with calling the leads generated to present the full proposition and convert them to registrations on the YourParkingSpace website, with the challenge of achieving high conversion rates alongside high volume throughput of leads.

Read the full case study for more information.

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