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Selling based on value is a well-established approach. Unless you sell a commoditised product, it is essential to communicate the value that your product or service offers, that differentiates you from your competitors. Without a clear understanding and justification for the value you provide, your margin is eroded and your pricing model undermined.

What is more, the customer is in control and loyalty is a hard won prize. To retain valuable customers and build long-term profitability for your business, a customer centric model with the customer’s needs at its heart, is essential. Customer loyalty is intrinsically tied to customer success. Forward looking companies understand that the quicker a customer can recognise the value of a newly purchased product and service in real terms – typically financial – the more likely they are to be retained and grown. Customer success teams are fast becoming an essential function within those businesses, working proactively to ensure the life-time value of a customer is realised.

Aligning your teams, resources and staff to successfully deliver value can be challenging, given that the definition of success is unique to each client and will change over time. Investment and resources need to be focused around the needs of your priority clients within a key account framework supported by well qualified, profiled data sets. In addition, a multichannel approach is important to ensure the right channel is used at the right time to effectively communicate the value you offer.

Telemarketing sits perfectly within a customer centric approach where developing trust and clearly articulating the value that you bring to the relationship is critical. At the start of the process it can help you build a clean, accurate, profiled database in line with your target audience. It enables you to carry out research to understand the market environment, industry drivers and develop thought leadership in key areas. It enables you to reach the right people in the relevant organisations and continue a dialogue with them, gaining further insight into their needs and allowing you to communicate the competitive advantage you provide, and how your expertise can help them meet their goals. And it can be used post sale to on-board and provide that all important customer success delivery.

This personalised approach, and the trust and understanding it supports, creates a foundation for long-term sustainable partnerships and a successful value-driven approach. View our infographic for ten key points for value-based selling success.

Top Tips For Value Selling (Infographic)

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