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Telemarketers often get bad press, and, considering some of the unsolicited, unexpected and downright pushy calls we can all receive, that reputation may seem entirely justified. However, not all agencies work that way. You just need to find the right fit for you. In many ways, finding a good telemarketing agency is not dissimilar to finding the perfect partner. For any relationship to flourish, you need someone who matches your culture and values, is committed to the relationship, understands you and supports you in achieving your goals.

Similarly, the callers within the agency need to understand the client proposition and use their expert listening and communication skills to match that proposition to the right prospects, identifying needs that correspond to the unique attributes of the business.

This personal approach, from an understanding, responsive agency will create the perfect match between you and your telemarketing partner, and between you and your prospective customers.

Here are our tips on the traits to look for in your ideal partner:

Finding your perfect match

At The Telemarketing Company, we will tailor your campaign to your required outcome, matching the skills of our team to your unique proposition, taking into account your brand values and culture, as well as your product and industry.

As every individual is unique, so is every proposition. With 26 years’ experience, we have worked on hundreds of diverse campaigns, from calling Clinical Directors in the NHS, or Production Managers in manufacturing companies, to promoting corporate loyalty programmes on behalf of major global airlines. Our large pool of experienced callers are resilient and committed, with strong listening and communications skills that enable them to articulate diverse propositions across a wide range of sectors to all levels of decision maker.

If you’re looking to build a long-term relationship with a telemarketing company, give us a call on 01273 765 000 and see if we have the potential to be your perfect match.

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