17 October 2017 Category: Blog

Leads are the lifeblood of any B2B business, and keeping the heart of your business pumping relies on getting prospects into your funnel with a perfect balance of quality and quantity.

73% of all B2B leads are not sales ready, so your initial contact will need to focus on building a relationship and understanding your prospect’s needs and motivations, so you can guide them successfully through the customer journey. This is where the human touch is especially effective – providing the insight you need to identify and convert your best prospects. Not only is telemarketing an effective lead generation tool in its own right, allowing you to directly target high value prospects, it can also secure a return on your investment from other channels. If you have high volumes of digitally generated leads, phone qualification ensures only those matching your target criteria, with a genuine need for your products or solutions, reach your sales team.

A clear definition of your ideal customer is essential, so you can start to focus on prospects that match that target profile. You’ll need to think about: who they are; what content they need to help them make that all-important decision; when the right time to deliver each stage of your strategy is, depending on where they are in the sales funnel; where they’re looking for you; why they’re looking for you and, finally, how you can solve their problem, better than anybody else. We’ve broken this all down into our handy infographic to help accelerate your B2B lead generation:

TTMC - Who What When Infographic - FINAL-01

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