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Whilst one of the more expensive marketing channels, telemarketing can provide a higher return on investment than other media, particularly when targeting high value outcomes or hard to reach decision makers. The sales funnel has evolved since the arrival of social and digital channels, but the human engagement, which the phone offers not only complements but enhances digital channels, and offers many additional benefits.

In the B2B sector in particular, human engagement helps build the trust and depth of relationship often needed when dealing with longer sales cycles, extended decision making units and complex propositions. Unlike email, a phone call is difficult to ignore, and enables you to reach and engage high value contacts, that you may not be able to reach through other channels. The human contact and two-way nature of communication also allows you to present a complex or technical proposition in a compelling way, adapting your message or offer as you build an understanding of your prospect’s interests during the call. With this level of engagement and quality of interaction, a single phone conversation has the potential to take cold data right through to a well-qualified, sales-ready lead. 

Equally, if your database isn’t up-to-date or you don’t have emails for your target audience, even the most sophisticated email or marketing automation campaign won’t get off the ground. Telemarketing is labour intense but, as you engage with decision-makers on the phone, you can not only present your proposition, but also cleanse and enhance contact data, capture email addresses and gain insight into your prospects needs to inform your overall sales and marketing strategy.

Telemarketing isn’t easy; even the most hardened sales person may shy away from cold calls. It takes patience and time and that all has a cost. Here are our top tips for getting the best return on your activity.


Preparing For A Call

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