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B2B Marketing and The Telemarketing Company teamed up to find out how marketers are adapting communications to meet the changing needs of the B2B buyer. Niall Habba, MD of The Telemarketing Company, comments on the key findings of this year's B2B Marketing Survey - Getting through to your Customers.

Niall Habba, Managing Director

The Telemarketing Company

The Telemarketing Company is pleased once again to sponsor B2B Marketing’s annual survey, this year with a slightly broader theme around customer engagement and telemarketing. In our 25th anniversary year, we are particularly keen to learn what customer engagement means to today’s marketers and understand how the role of telemarketing continues to evolve.

Results show a clear understanding of the increasing importance of customer engagement within most organisations. Human interaction, in particular, is highly valued both for creating new and retaining existing business, with around 76% of those surveyed attributing the majority of revenue secured to non-digital sources.

Whilst marketers surveyed understand the importance, only 28% have an existing strategic plan for customer engagement and only 8% have a fully integrated approach, suggesting many don’t yet have a clear path to achieving their customer engagement goals.

The importance of human contact in building relationships that convert to commercial opportunities is close to our hearts. When we look back over past years, the measurable ROI of B2B telemarketing and its flexibility in serving a range of objectives from market research, cold calling, nurturing warm leads, through to outbound telesales, has remained constant. This flexibility allows telemarketing to integrate with and support other digital and non-digital channels at every stage of the cycle, so that marketers can easily incorporate the human touch across their campaigns.

Given the challenges in implementing customer engagement reflected by the survey, it is surprising that almost 35% of organisations surveyed say they do not use telemarketing at all, (even though the sales team in any organisation will be using the phone on the daily basis) . The fact that high value B2B sales require real conversations with prospects to build relationships and trust is no great surprise. This, combined with its ability to integrate easily with digital, social and other channels, makes telemarketing a valuable tool for any marketer seeking to improve customer engagement and campaign ROI.

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