25 August 2011 Category: Blog

It’s self evident that organisations need a thorough and up to date understanding of the needs of their clients if they are to effectively shape, and in turn sell, their products and services.

B2B sales are underpinned by a firm grasp of the business pains which prospective clients suffer from and the ability to solve them, cost effectively and in a timeframe that delivers measurable ROI. 

As markets, the competitive landscape, buying cycles and decision makers change, companies that don't have real insight into these shifts get left behind by those that do. The history of business is littered with examples of companies that lacked the insight to recognise and respond to change and floundered as a result.

The raw data that enables this insight can be gathered through many means. Market research, client satisfaction surveys and regular contact with customers are all effective. However, there is one means of gathering dynamic information from both your own clients and your competitors' which is neither immediately obvious, nor widely used.

Amongst the modern marketer's arsenal of options, telemarketing offers some unique advantages over other routes to market. Executed well it’s cost effective, delivers strong ROI and finds new business that “pull” methodologies just can’t reach.

However, it’s also a truly "two way" channel. Having hundreds, or thousands of conversations with prospects gives a unique opportunity to build an understanding of who buys, why they buy, how and when they make their decisions and more importantly why prospects don’t buy from you. An unscripted, solution selling approach which asks lots of open questions not only provides the opportunity to deliver a tailored conversation, pitching relevant benefits to build interest, but should also gather lots of intelligence on what your prospects use, when they review, which of your competitors they use and where your value proposition doesn’t resonate.

Gathering this kind of data and analysing it regularly can give the insight required not just to make tactical decisions that improve the results of a telemarketing campaign, but also to underpin deeper strategic changes to your value proposition.

We always try to structure our work to deliver as much value as we can to our clients in addition to the primary objective of driving more new business, but its suprising how many agencies and clients don't fully exploit the opportunity to deliver insight that's presented by B2B telemarketing.

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