12 April 2011 Category: Blog

I've just received a marketing email from a service provider claiming five wonderful benefits that email marketers get from their chosen channel.

In addition to the slightly dubious assertion that it offers the best ROI of any marketing activity (really...? always..?) one statement in particular leapt out. 

"It’s the most flexible way to reach different audiences with different messages.

No other marketing activity offers the level of audience segmentation and message tailoring that email does."

This is palpable nonsense. Email can't hold a candle to the ability of a good unscripted telemarketer to tailor not just the messaging, but the entire contact process. Emails can't build rapport, they can't ask probing questions to uncover pain points and match the pertinent benefits, email marketing takes no account of the mood, time pressures or interests of the prospect. Just as importantly email doesn't provide the kind of invaluable information abut the reasons that individuals won't engage that telemarketing does.

We're not telemarketing "zealots". The integration of digital marketing and other elements of the marketing mix with telemarketing can yield great results, but every channel has strengths and weaknesses. Wise marketers are fully aware of these and operate a strategy which plays to each medium's strengths, delivering results where the whole is greater than the sum of the parts...  

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