15 December 2011 Category: News

Strong growth in demand for The Telemarketing Company's services

The Telemarketing Company is pleased to announce that FY 2010/11 saw turnover growth of 20% across its business. 

Niall Habba, Managing Director of The Telemarketing Company said "We're delighted with the growth that the business has seen over the last financial year. In a challenging economy, marketing budgets remain tight and spend is heavily scrutinised. 

Our growth is a direct reflection of the strong, measurable ROI that our clients are seeing from their spend with The Telemarketing Company. Our clients are generally on just 24 hours notice of cancellation, with no tie-ins - so operational delivery is critical to our business.

Just as pleasing as the growth figure is the fact that we've earned over 30 new client testimonials over the last 12 months. These have all been added to our website, giving prospective clients access to an unrivalled library of case studies and success stories."  

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