06 September 2010 Category: Blog

I saw a recent opinion piece in Marketing Week discussing the poor perception of telemarketing by prospects and existing customers, Although, the comment and the survey itself are focussed on consumer Telemarketing, the observations hold equally true for B2B work. Take a look here:


The bottom line is that poor quality direct marketing, in terms of targeting and execution, is poor quality direct marketing, whatever the channel. People simply don't like receiving marketing that is inappropriate to their needs, whether the medium is direct mail, email or someone calling them. Moreover, the disruptive nature of Telemarketing means it can generate the most extreme reactions - when it's done badly, it can be incredibly damaging to a brand.

Conversely, when Telemarketing is targeted and executed well, it is "disruptive" in an entirely positive sense, making decision makers think about problems they had not considered and the concomitant solutions and benefits that a new approach can offer. Even the "negative" responses from a well managed campaign should result in brand enhancing conversations that give marketers an unmatched insight into their prospects' preferences.

Poor quality telemarketing needs to be rapidly regulated out of existence, so that this hugely effective channel remains the powerful route to market that leads so may clients to use it to drive powerful results...  

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