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A great summer offer to give you the edge with your top prospects

The need

Properly understanding your top prospects is the key to successfully selling to what could and should be your biggest and most profitable customers.

If you can name your top 50 prospects… 

  • Do you know the names and contact details of the decision makers?
  • Do you know what competitive services or products they are currently using?
  • Do you know when they plan to review or purchase again?
  • Do you know what kind of budget and procurement process they have in place?
  • Do you know if and when they may be interested in hearing from you?

If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, The Telemarketing Company can help with a brand new service.  During the months of July & August 2010 we are pleased to introduce a new service at an introductory price – Prospect Profile 50.

How it works

You supply us with:

  • Your 50 top prospect company names
  • Between 4 and 6 profiling questions
  • A brief summary of your services
  • Up to four contacts (defined by job title or function) that you would want to engage with

We will do the rest….

By compiling a comprehensive database for you through web based research and telephone work, finding as many contacts as we can with email addresses and direct telephone numbers when available.  We then go further, engaging with the prospect organisations to obtain answers to the profiling questions. At the end of each call we’ll simply ask if and when they would be interested in hearing from you.

In just 30 days you will be in possession of a comprehensive database giving you the information you need to engage intelligently - at the right time and with the best approach - with your key prospects. The cost for this service is £995.00 plus VAT (just £19.90 per prospect organisation), with an opportunity to engage immediately with those ready to talk to you now.


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