29 March 2010 Category: Blog

We were pleased to see the maximum level of fine for outbound telemarketers generating excessive "silent calls" has been increased:


As a pure B2B agency, we would never use a predictive dialler. However, telemarketing is an industry that has had its reputation dragged through the dirt over many years by organisations that are prepared to bend or flout the rules to squeeze tiny incremental improvements in "efficiency", at great expense to both their own brands and the channel as a whole.

For every shady operator prepared to set their dialler to "11" to sell a couple more kitchens to hapless householders, there is a high quality agency delivering brand and profit building prospect journeys through intelligent, integrated outbound telemarketing campaigns which are conducted not just legally but ethically.

In the very broadest sense, telemarketing is a "numbers game", but quality is a much more important driver of return on investment than quantity. Squeezing through 5% more calls on a campaign that isn't engaging prospects in a conversation about a solution they are interested in is the last refuge of the direct marketing scoundrel and simply leads to more unhappy potential customers and wasted effort and budget....  

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