23 November 2009 Category: Blog

It's a common complaint of clients of telemarketing agencies that when campaigns are not performing the agency just "blames the data".

There's no doubt that in many cases this is entirely justified - it's all too easy for an agency which doesn't have the skills required to point the finger at the database. However, it's also an inescapable truth that data underpins all DM activity and using poor quality data (which can mean either "inaccurate", "off profile" or sometimes both) as the foundation for any kind of marketing is a false economy. Data is not expensive and quality has a multiplier effect, driving up ROI for everything that you do with it.

We usually buy data on our clients' behalf, meaning that we have a stake in the whole process and our clients don't end up with an agency with no responsibility for the data simply passing the buck. When data can't be bought (have you ever tried to find a database with individual opt-in email addresses and phone numbers for website content managers in enterprises, for instance....?) then we can build the database from the ground up, at low cost using our MRS accredited research team.

Our belief is that if an agency has a stake in the data that drives a campaign, they also "own" the issues which inevitably come with B2B data and are far more likely to produce solid a ROI for their B2B telemarketing clients. Has this been your experience...? 

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