Consultative approach and proactive management of telemarketing campaign leads to high conversion rates and dramatic growth in orders.

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions provide solutions for environments with especially high dust levels in sectors such as logistics, manufacturing, food production, warehousing and recycling. The company produces high performance and energy efficient air filtration units which remove and control high dust concentrations by 60-80% within industrial applications. They can benefit customers by reducing cleaning costs, assist in meeting health and safety and hygiene standards, and generally enhance the overall working environment for employees. Additional benefits include decreased machinery maintenance costs, reduced product contamination and the improved performance of HVAC and dehumidification equipment.

Zehnder Clean Air2

Project background

Zehnder Clean Air Solutions approached The Telemarketing Company as they weren’t satisfied with the performance and reliability of their existing UK agency. They had used telemarketing successfully across Europe but were struggling to gain traction in the UK. The project had halted on several occasions due to sickness and general resourcing issues and the company was, therefore, looking for a more reliable, consistent service and an agency with the agility to scale up and down as required.

The Telemarketing Company and one other agency were invited to take part in a 12 week trial to generate face to face appointments with decision makers including Health and Safety Managers, Operations Managers and Maintenance Managers for the regional sales team in the West Midlands. Superior results achieved by The Telemarketing Company during the trial period, in addition to the agency’s highly consultative approach, led to the decision to appoint them to the project.

Project execution

Data was supplied by Zehnder Clean Air Solutions and a briefing session set up to train telemarketers on their proposition, target audience and overall strategy. To avoid previous issues with resourcing, additional telemarketers were trained to ensure there would always be back up in the case of sickness or absence. Call recordings in the early stages of the campaign ensured that the campaign performance was refined and optimised early on. Call recordings were provided with each outcome, together with proactive suggestions on how the call could be improved and an invitation for feedback from the client, which was readily reciprocated. This consultative approach very quickly established a solid process of continuous improvement to campaign performance.

Following the strong initial results, the campaign has now been extended to cover three sales territories in the UK, with further extensions planned during 2016. The initial relationship with the client’s Senior Consultant has been broadened to include the National Sales and Regional Sales Managers, with the agency now working as an extended part of the sales team. There is a solid flow of communication between both teams, sharing of new contacts and a clear escalation process for issues encountered to ensure speedy resolution.


Telemarketing is an integral part of Zehnder Clean Air Solutions’s strategy to develop the previously untapped potential within the UK market and the strong working relationship with The Telemarketing Company has been fundamental to the success of the campaign and the strong results achieved to-date. Decision makers in these industries are generally harder to reach as they are not typically desk based, but once they are reached, conversion to appointment at 20% has been very high for the campaign to-date and, from having little traction in the UK, orders are now growing dramatically. An investment of around £22,000 has resulted in 155 appointments and average cost per appointment of £142.00.

“We are very happy about having found a valuable partner in The Telemarketing Company and we plan to increase the engagement with them in the near future. We see telemarketing as a key part of our strategy and so far we value The Telemarketing Company as one of the best examples we have in Europe of successful cooperation with such a partner.”

Senior Consultant, Zehnder Clean Air Solutions