Multiple training sessions for callers on appointment setting campaigns provides increased flexibility during business conversations

The Consultancy Company is a highly focused provider of supply chain consultants, health and social care consultancy and public sector consultancy services, working in partnership with major private, public and third sector organisations in the UK and internationally.

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The Consultancy Company have 3 divisions, consisting of Health and Social Care consultants, Supply Chain consultants and Public Sector consultants all of whom have senior operational backgrounds and who are empowered to use their experience to provide pragmatic solutions to complex client issues. 

Within the three markets The Consultancy Company serve, the assignments are as broad as they are complex.  These three markets are: 

  • Industry and Supply Chain
  • Health and Social Care
  • Government and Local Communities

The Challenge

The Consultancy Company first approached The Telemarketing Company in 2005.  The plan was originally for us to run a pilot campaign calling on behalf of The Consultancy Company, selling their company and services as a whole.

As the 3 divisions of The Consultancy Company are so different and each of the three markets are so huge, The Telemarketing Company suggested that it might be better to make the campaign more focussed, concentrating on selling one of their divisions to a specifically chosen sector. 

The Consultancy Company agreed and we began with their Industry and Supply division, calling into the two targeted industries of CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) and Manufacturing, for the generation of high quality and well qualified appointments.

Senior Telemarketers with numerous years experience in the field were chosen to undertake this complex and demanding calling with the main objective being to find the correct Decision Making Contact (from a wide variety of job titles) and then quickly ascertaining the viability of the opportunity, closing down to an appointment or scheduling to speak to the prospect nearer a review date quickly and efficiently.

“The Telemarketing Company’s approach inspires confidence with good quality and well qualified meetings and a real commitment to understanding and empathising with our business.  Initially we looked for different reporting, but there was a flexibility that allowed meeting arrangements to be communicated in the way that we required.”

Managing Director, The Consultancy Company

The Results

The Consultancy Company were pleased with The Telemarketing Company’s results and advised they wished to run an immediate follow up campaign.

During the pilot campaign The Consultancy Company provided comprehensive briefing and on-going support which proved invaluable for the callers.  It was planned that further training was to be supplied by The Consultancy Company with ‘top up’ training sessions every 6-8 weeks.  This was designed to help with improving the callers’ knowledge of The Consultancy Company giving them a growing familiarity of the project. 

The Telemarketing Company’s expectation was that, as the callers’ familiarity with the project and The Consultancy Company increased, more flexibility could be introduced into the business conversation.  This would result in the callers’ ability to identify if a company had somehow been miscategorised and instead of only being able to stick to the current script be able to switch to another pitch, which was more appropriate.  This would hopefully generate even more appointments and make sure that every possible opportunity was taken advantage of.

“The original estimate of 15-20 meetings was well exceeded with 34 gained in total.”

Director, The Consultancy Company

The Consultancy Company have become an on-going client of The Telemarketing Company.

Starting with their Industry and Supply Chain Consultants division, we have continued to run numerous campaigns for this division and also their other two divisions, Government and Local Communications and Health and Social Care.

The relationship between The Consultancy Company and The Telemarketing Company has continued to develop and become stronger over the years with The Consultancy Company even deciding to use The Telemarketing Company’s offices in Brighton to hold one of their own Sales meetings.  As quoted by their Managing Director below, The Telemarketing Company has grown to become “more of an extension of our organisation…”

“Before coming to The Telemarketing Company we were using another organisation and have trialled one whilst we have been clients.  In both cases the experiences with The Telemarketing Company have been more professional and you have felt more of an extension of our organisation.

We have used The Telemarketing Company over a number of years and whilst there is a long selling time, every campaign has delivered new clients and this now represents more than 25% of our total invoicing.

In the past 12 months the direct leads provided by The Telemarketing Company has created 5 new clients, over £300k of billing and more importantly a series of strategic relationships that will continue to deliver opportunity over a number of years.

We would definitely recommend The Telemarketing Company to others!"

Managing Director, The Consultancy Company