Unscripted callers master complex industry terminology and exceed expectations with fast multiple appointment setting and sales lead generation

Spooner Industries are a leading innovator in the principles of forced convection technology providing industrial solutions around the world for the principle market sectors of Paper, Non-wovens, Metals, Food, Converting and Environmental. Spooner manufactures industrial process machinery such as industrial ovens, dryers, coolers, provers/proofers, air turns, stabilisers, oxidisers and solvent and energy recovery equipment.

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Project Background

Spooner is the European licensee of Anguil Environmental Systems, an industrial pollution control and energy solution provider, for the provision of VOC Abatement Systems in Europe.

Over the past 30 years, Anguil has developed a breadth of technologies that control harmful and regulated volatile organic compounds (VOCs), hazardous air pollutants (HAPs), process odours and nitrogen oxides (NOX). Through the partnership with Anguil Environmental Systems, Spooner can provide industrial facilities a single source solution to their dryer, oven and air pollution control needs.

The Spooner Anguil partnership serves industries such as chemical, coating, composites/fibreglass, energy recovery, engine exhaust treatment, electronics, ethanol processing, food/bakery, industrial Nox, metal decorating, paint, petroleum, natural gas, pharmaceutical, printing, laminating, converting, remediation and rubber curing.

Spooner Industries approached The Telemarketing Company to run a campaign to raise awareness of Spooner’s range of Spooner Anguil VOC Abatement equipment within new target markets and geographies.  It was hoped that this project would have the additional benefits of uncovering any current live client projects and also that the existing contact database would be cleaned and updated.

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Project execution and results

Due in part to the fact that this was conceived as a campaign to “test the water” several data sets were used to see where the best traction would be found. These included 

  • Data of existing Engineering Consultants
  • Data purchased specifically to support the calling in relevant verticals
  • Data from an industry membership organization

The calling team was briefed on site in Brighton.  When the calling began it was very important that the messaging was spot on so as to best describe the process and to immediately eliminate companies who simply had no need for thermal oxidisation as a solution. 

Call recordings were exchanged with Spooner to get immediate feedback and advice.

The results exceeded expectation and careful diary management was required to minimise travel time, as multiple appointments were made in areas that had not been anticipated.   The campaign produced one result in under every seven hours of calling.

"The Telemarketing Company has done a fantastic job with this project and we are pleased with how quickly the team could pick up our market requirements and industry terminology.  We were particularly impressed with how quickly appointments and sales leads were being generated during the client calls.  The level of communication from The Telemarketing Company was strong at every stage of the project and the weekly reports gave us a great overview on how things were progressing.  In the future, we are looking to run a second phase of this project and we are also contemplating widening this out to other areas of our business."

Director, Spooner Industries Ltd