New legislation presents an opportunity for Siemens Security Products and multiple lead generation campaigns exceed expectations.

The Siemens brand is one recognised worldwide for quality, leading edge design, innovation and reliability. Head-quartered in Sweden, with a UK office in South Wales, Security Products from Siemens operates nationally and in Ireland. It is a best of breed Product Company with a complete security catalogue comprising of access control, intruder detection and video surveillance products. A leading product and systems developer, Siemens considers their products to be easy to use, less costly to install and add real value to partners.

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Project background

Security Products from Siemens carries with it more than 30 years experience in the industry, and an extensive portfolio.  Development of new products into the market place over the years means that there are many systems running on very old platforms and software.

New legislation, coupled with the fact that redundant products are no longer supported, presented an opportunity for Siemens and their installers to go and upgrade these systems.

The Telemarketing Company and Security Products from Siemens therefore embarked upon two campaigns with three clearly defined objectives.

First Campaign:

During the last two years the Siemens UK business has undergone a conscious strategy of moving lower spend accounts through to distribution partners whilst focusing on growing the key accounts.  This has been successful but has highlighted a gap between expectation revenue and critical mass of the key accounts.  A by-product is that in general the mass market is not aware of the entire product portfolio available.  The Telemarketing Company was targeted to ring mass-market prospects to engage with them in specific relation to Access Control, CCTV and Intrusion Detection.

Second Campaign: 

The second campaign was in two distinct parts and focused on two Siemens Legacy systems, an Access Control system and the Europlex legacy systems, inherited by Siemens when Europlex was acquired.  

Project execution and results 

First campaign:

The Awareness campaign, targeted Installers, Installation Engineers, Sales Managers and Procurement, using data sourced by The Telemarketing Company for this activity. The call was structured to find out who the prospects were using currently and what, if anything, they knew of the Siemens offering. As expected, very many of these prospects were using competitors and had no real idea that Siemens worked in this space.

In 160 hours, The Telemarketing Company produced 143 leads.

Second Campaign:

The Legacy Campaign used data provided by Siemens and split into two distinct pots; the Granta data and Europlex data for End Users and Installers.

Granta has been an active product in the UK for more than 20 years and there are now other Access Control systems, which can offer more to the end user.  Siemens therefore made a decision that SiPass Integrated would be the flagship system and that Granta would enter maintenance mode, it will still be available but no further development will be done.

When Siemens acquired Europlex, many of these legacy products had already reached the extent of development and the decision was made to bring them to end of life cycle and concentrate on developing the key replacement product known now as SPC.  Key leverage for this was the PD6662 legislation.

This campaign ran for 175 hours, producing 16 Appointments and 9 leads for Granta; 16 Appointments and 12 leads for Europlex.

“This was our first undertaking of an external Telemarketing campaign and I was sceptical on the success that we would actually see in terms of leads or appointment opportunities.  However Nicola and her team were very professional, proactive and delivered more than we expected in terms of opportunities, potential projects and revenue.

The communication during the campaigns was very good, with regular contact and reports to keep you informed of how it was going and results to date.

I would very much recommend The Telemarketing Company for any business looking to engage and inform their client base and we will most certainly use the Telemarketing Company again in the future!” 

UK Internal Sales & Marketing manager, Siemens Security Products.