Careful and comprehensive planning makes lead generation campaigns a success for Siemens Healthcare.

Siemens is one of the world’s leading engineering companies. Siemens provides innovative solutions to help tackle the world’s major challenges, across the key industrial sectors of energy, industry and healthcare. Siemens has offices and factories throughout the UK, with its headquarters in Frimley, Surrey. Siemens Healthcare is a leader in the healthcare field, combining state of the art imaging, laboratory diagnostics and IT solutions for an earlier prevention and more specific diagnostics, thus enhancing patient care.

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Project background

Siemens Healthcare had two key requirements for outbound calling services. These requirements included:

  • Contacting NHS and Private Hospitals throughout the UK who currently have one or more Siemens healthcare systems but did not have a current maintenance contract. The equipment covered included ultrasound, digital radiography and X-Ray based applications. The calling was structured to provide investigatory research on the status of the equipment. 
  • The generation of high quality leads and insight for Siemens Healthcare, focussing on sites with current Siemens Healthcare equipment with recently expired, or close to expiry maintenance contracts.

The Telemarketing Company provided campaigns to support both projects and to meet Siemens Healthcare’s objectives by providing high quality research insight and lead generation.

The Telemarketing Company worked carefully and closely with Siemens Healthcare to plan and execute two successful independent campaigns. Prior to each campaign launch, the following areas were planned and agreed through a comprehensive process of open exchange of information and ideas; questionnaire scripting, questionnaire routing, question structure, regular data feeds of leads generated and the format of this delivery.

Project execution and results

Both campaigns have been executed using the Telemarketing Company’s Research Team. This dedicated team comprises of full time, trained and salaried specialist callers and managers trained using the Market Research Society’s Accredited Interviewer Training Scheme.

The calling platform was developed carefully around the structure, to allow quota management and granular reporting and analysis. Scripts were designed from an initial brief and these scripts were regularly reviewed during the campaign in order to optimise results and data integrity.

All calls were recorded and held securely in The Telemarketing Company’s in-house 16 million call archive. During the campaigns frequent reference was made to the call recordings on an ongoing basis to provide insight, quality assurance and coaching indicators.

For each campaign, an initial face-to-face briefing for the calling team was delivered by The Telemarketing Company. In addition, the Siemens Healthcare Team visited the office to provide vital background information and knowledge into the sector.

For both programmes, a detailed and semi scripted discussion was required with a wide variety of contacts who were all involved in some way with the use or maintenance of the pieces of equipment in question. A significant amount of work was required to identify and speak to these contacts. This effort was a crucial precursor to the long-term objective to gather a detailed and up-dated insight into why the equipment was not being maintained with a Siemens service agreement. If the equipment was being maintained by a third party, the contacts were also probed to provide detailed understanding of the process and factors that drove this decision.

"We had not used Telemarketing in our business processes before so it was important for us to find a company that was understanding of our objectives and professional in their approach. The Telemarketing Company quickly helped us develop and implement our plan and in both cases they were able to provide results that we could utilise immediately. We will be using them again and I would have no hesitation in recommending the Telemarketing Company in future."

Lifecycle Business Development Manager, Siemens Healthcare