Telemarketing cemented as a crucial part of future strategy with high quality lead generation for Optimal Monitoring

Optimal Monitoring are specialists in the design, creation and delivery of Energy Monitoring, Analytics and Reporting Software. With over twenty years of industry experience, UK based Optimal Monitoring enables organisations to make smarter decisions about utilities, energy consumption and the impact on corporate social responsibilities. Optimal’s Energy Monitoring and Reporting Software processes real-time data from the manufacturing, logistics and business industries through to councils, hospitals and schools.

Energy Usage Industry


Campaign objective and project background

Optimal Monitoring engaged The Telemarketing Company to support an initial lead generation campaign for them. Data was selected specifically in Food and Packaging Manufacture to support the activity and was ranked into tiers of importance. A full brief took place at our Brighton site with the calling team and Account Manager, where the campaign and the relationship really began to take shape.

The Telemarketing Company was tasked with calling prospects to introduce Optimal Monitoring, and to book in a call or a visit where appropriate.  Significant drivers for a prospect could be the combination of production and energy data or the simplification of the output. Optimal Monitoring use simple icons to indicate performance against rules.  Significantly this means that a company does not need in house experts to interpret the data in kWh.  With an Optimal Monitoring solution, anyone can see if things are going well or badly, and hence take the appropriate action.

Project execution

The campaign began strongly and went from strength to strength. Call recordings were shared which enabled The Telemarketing Company to quickly get up to speed and to side step obvious traps, i.e. getting drawn into the “how to” of the technology. This is important because Optimal Monitoring commits to delivering pay back in the first year, which clearly means that each solution is to some degree bespoke.  

During the course of the first campaign, 140 emails were sent out on Optimal Monitoring’s behalf. 65% of the results came from pipeline, with 35% being generated from a first call.   A result was generated in every 7 hours of calling and over 2 Decision Makers were reached per hour.   


Whilst it may be correct to say that Optimal were apprehensive of the results that telemarketing could deliver to their business, the 20 leads which came out of the first campaign cemented telemarketing as a crucial part of their future strategy.

The Telemarketing Company and Optimal Monitoring are now well underway on their second campaign, where the results are even stronger. So much so, that the calling has to be staggered in order that the leads are appropriately followed up.

"What has impressed us most is the quality and commitment of the staff at The Telemarketing Company. Our product is not a simple sell, it can have many stakeholders, and the decision maker is not clearly defined by a specific job title.  The telemarketer has shown great skill in navigating the many barriers in identifying and accessing the right person, and has also shown great ability in finding the right pitch for them.  As a result, we are getting high conversion of the leads passed to us.  The availability of call recordings has also been a real help, allowing us to make our follow-on contact a continuation of the previous conversation, and so the recipient feels they are talking to a joined up team.”

Managing Director, Optimal Monitoring