Project size doubled and further work scheduled as Lead Generation campaign shows outstanding commitment to quality and the delivery of results.

Founded in 2001 by Gerry Pyves, the creator of NO HANDS® Massage, the training provided was a response to the epidemic of injury in the Massage profession. Since then thousands of students have attended their “Transforming touch” course, bringing the power of NO HANDS® Massage to their clients while also protecting their massage career by utilising the zero-strain Massage that Gerry and his team teach.

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Project background

Having been successful in the UK with the NO HANDS® Technique, Gerry was keen to expand overseas, beginning with the USA and Canada, by providing training to massage schools so that the courses could be franchised to them.

Having worked successfully with NO HANDS® in the past on data validation and survey campaigns, The Telemarketing Company were selected to provide a campaign to support these objectives by providing high quality telephone appointments. The Telemarketing Company worked carefully with the NO HANDS® Massage Company to plan and execute a campaign initially planned for 6 weeks.

Prior to the campaign launch, data selection, data profiling, integrated use of digital collateral, timing of calling to match time zones, briefing and training of callers were planned and agreed through a process of open exchange of information and ideas.

Project execution and results

Data was provided by NO HANDS® Massage covering schools across North America who were mailed a DVD about the technique. The data was separated by time zone, enabling the right schools to be targeted at the right times. Where the DVDS had not been received, emails were sent with links to the NO HANDS® website where video material could be viewed.

Information was gathered regarding prospects’ current provision of post graduate training so that inappropriate contacts could be ruled out. A pipeline was built by establishing appropriate times to contact the correct decision maker and by following up schools that had been emailed, using our diary system.

Callers received briefings from the client regarding likely objections and the best responses to them. Where unanticipated objections arose, these were fed back to the client as part of regular daily contact and new solutions were suggested.

For every appointment made, a call recording was sent and feedback given to help improve call quality and results. In the early days of the campaign, some recordings of unsuccessful calls were also sent to ensure the message was correctly positioned.

As results started to come in, NO HANDS® doubled the hours on the campaign to get the most from the data during the pre-summer period. Towards the end of the campaign, reminder calls were made to existing appointments to improve the success rate.  

In total, 100 appointments were booked and a large number of good contacts have been made; a solid ROI looks likely. Further work has been scheduled.

"I was impressed with The Telemarketing Company because they not only had the technical side of telemarketing down to a ‘T’, so their call rate was very impressive, but they also provided great advice and guidance at all stages of the project from planning to execution to final analysis and future learning. This is intelligent marketing.

Unlike any other telemarketing company I have had to deal with, their staff are motivated, bright and most importantly very good on the phone! So much of business comes down to reputation and The Telemarketing Company did my reputation proud with the professionalism of their contact with decision makers. Their commitment to quality and delivering results has been nothing less than outstanding.  On the basis of their results I was happy to double the size of the project. That speaks for itself.

It would have cost me several hundred thousand pounds and taken many years to deliver a campaign like this ‘in house’. I am already looking for other ways in which to use their expertise to boost my business. I have no hesitation in recommending this brilliant company.”

Gerry Pyves MD, The NO HANDS® Massage Company Ltd