Brand awareness and appointment setting campaign exceeds expectations prompting an on-going relationship

Nexus Vehicle Management is the UK's leading corporate vehicle rental management provider, supplying fleet services through sophisticated and paperless e-trading platforms.

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Project Background

Nexus’ objective was to build awareness and book quality appointments around set criteria.  The idea was to promote their new cutting edge IRIS system (Intelligent Rental Information System) to companies with a need to hire vehicles.  Nexus wanted the callers to use a two-pronged strategy when prospecting: 

  • To promote Nexus as a conventional supplier but with the added benefit of being able to use their new IRIS system free of charge.
  • To promote the IRIS system itself as a standalone product.  This would mean customers wouldn’t actually have to change their current suppliers but could use the cutting edge IRIS system which would allow them to significantly reduce costs and vastly improve the day to day management of providing daily rental vehicles to their employees.

Nexus wanted a 35 hours per week campaign and wished to contact companies of all sizes and in all sectors identifying the person who deals with the car fleet, usually the Fleet Manager but could be Transport or Rental Manager, FD, HRD or MD.

The Results

Original targets were set at 1 appointment every 11 hours.  These targets were exceeded averaging at around 1 appointment every 6 hours.  Nexus were so pleased with the results that the campaign was extended and ran for a total of 10 months that year.  Nexus then returned again the following year to run another 6 month campaign.

"The qualification of appointments has been top class. Conversion rate from appointments made stands at 70% and for the first time in seven years of trading I believe we have truly found the right solution for building sales in a cost effective and efficient way. I'd tried my own in-house team on many occasions but the costs and time spent training staff drains time and resources. In an initial consultation and training session with The Telemarketing Company it was unbelievable how quickly their team understood the proposition."

Managing Director, Nexus