Systematic and collaborative approach ensures solid proof of concept for Molex international lead generation initiative

Molex (a subsidiary of Koch Industries - $120bn USD turnover) is a globally recognised provider of electronic solutions in a wide range of industries, including data communications, consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, commercial vehicle, and medical. Molex Connected Enterprise Solutions (Molex CES), a business unit of Molex LLP, is a premier provider of revolutionary new and comprehensive network technologies focused on the development of IP-based solutions that support organisations choosing an Internet of Things strategy.

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Molex CES transforms the way global businesses fulfil their IT infrastructure upgrade and new build projects by managing a project starting with a plan for the structured cabling, up through commissioning and handover, including attached IP devices. Their offer addresses the specific requirements of deployments where project complexity, a need for instant visibility of remote sites and resource utilisation are common issues.

Project background

Molex CES approached The Telemarketing Company to support a business development initiative targeting South Africa and Poland, to serve as a benchmark for a wider global campaign. They had initially worked with another agency but were keen to find a partner that would provide a better cultural fit.

Whilst Molex CES offers turnkey solutions for complex global IT infrastructure projects, the focus for the pilot campaign was their latest offering of Industrial High-Bay Connected LED Lighting Systems. The strategy was to tap into the trend for industrial LED lighting, using a tangible product offering as a hook to generate leads within large organisations. This initial foothold would then enable Molex to build trust and nurture a relationship with key customers, ultimately becoming a trusted partner providing end to end IT infrastructure support.

Project execution

Molex CES provided a definition of the target audience, and this was used by The Telemarketing Company to source a database to support calling:

    • Multi-site (ideally multi-national) businesses in South Africa and Poland with a £50M+ turnover

    • In sectors such as warehousing, cold storage, manufacturing, logistics, transportation, mining, shopping centres, universities or sports venues.

    • Factory size establishments with ceilings 15-30m high with a requirement for high-bay lighting

Senior decision makers included Facilities Managers, Environmental Managers, Operations Managers, Site Managers, Finance Directors, as well as Distribution Managers/Directors. The objective of each call was to build rapport with those key influencers, create interest in the product and gain commitment for a deeper conversation about their lighting needs with a member of the Molex sales team. Calls were to generate phone appointments, qualified based on BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeline) criteria, to be booked within a 24-48 hour time slot in the diaries of the local Molex Business Development Managers.

As agents would be calling on behalf of Molex, it was important to select a team whose style and approach were aligned to the brand and care was taken to select the right callers. A thorough briefing took place at the agency’s offices providing insight into pain points prospects might face and corresponding benefits of the product, such as ‘validated’ energy cost savings, reliability, automatic testing and certification, and improved accuracy and working environment in terms of light quality. Additional profiling questions were also built into the call to provide Molex with valuable insight into customer needs and existing products in use, including competitor lighting products.


At the end of a five week period, calling into Poland produced 16 qualified appointments resulting from 368 conversations with qualified decision makers, as well as a future pipeline of 131 scheduled follow ups for the Molex team. In addition, the client received an updated database with new decision maker contacts, job titles and emails captured. Calling into a smaller dataset for South Africa produced 190 conversations and 16 qualified decision-maker appointments and a future pipeline for nurture.

The thorough and collaborative approach adopted by the agency ensured a solid proof of concept for future work and discussions are taking place with regard to next steps.

“I would just like to pass on my thanks to the team at TTMC for the fantastic support provided in our recent sales lead generation campaigns into South Africa and Poland. Your experience in identifying the right people to deliver our campaign, the careful and structured way you managed the initial training meeting and the fact that you understood our objectives completely, makes using TTMC in the future a ‘no brainer’ for us. Thanks again for a superb service”.

Marketing Director, Molex CES.