Native language skills support lead generation success across multiple EMEA territories

Microsoft Corporation develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software, consumer electronics and personal computers and services.

 Data Security

Project Background

For a number of years, The Telemarketing Company had run a number of successful campaigns through Microsoft Partner’s Programme. This proven track record led Microsoft to make a direct approach to The Telemarketing Company with a requirement for a demand generation campaign for their Rights Management Services (RMS). The Microsoft Rights Management Services (RMS) offering helps organisations keep their information secure, both inside and outside of the organisation. RMS enables the flow of protected data on all important devices, of all important file types, and lets these files be used by all the key people in a user’s collaboration circle.

The Project Execution and Results

This was the first campaign where The Telemarketing Company called directly on behalf of Microsoft. The objective of the campaign was to produce high quality sales leads across multiple EMEA territories, specifically targeting The Netherlands, Spain and Italy. The calling required skilled, multi-lingual agents and The Telemarketing Company was able to build a team using in-house resources blended with specifically recruited and trained agents in under ten working days. The multi-lingual capability of the team was particularly important because, whilst the calls were carried out in local language, outcomes and comments had to be delivered in English to the central European contact managing the campaign, as well as in native language of the local offices.

An even spread of leads were delivered across all offices and, in addition to leads, call recordings provided the local teams with additional insight, for example around current systems usage. Daily reporting allowed the team to refine and improve results as the campaign matured and, with native speakers calling on behalf of Microsoft, customers were particularly receptive to the offer and campaign results exceeded expectations.


Client Feedback:

Q. Why did you choose The Telemarketing Company over our competitors?

A.  We chose TTMC because they had a proven track record with Microsoft and were able to meet our telesales needs across multiple countries.

Q. How did The Telemarketing Company’s approach inspire confidence in our ability to deliver the required results?

A. TTMC delivered on their commitments and provided superb communication and feedback throughout the campaign.

Q. What has been your experience during the running of the campaign?

A. The daily reports that TTMC provided enabled us to clearly pinpoint where the success areas were and where we needed to fine tune. We also were able to analyse the leads and prioritise accordingly. We are aiming for a 10% success rate on new business from the leads generated.

Q. Would you use The Telemarketing Company again in the future?

A. I would definitely recommend using TTMC in the future!