Excellent lead generation results and professional attitude of telemarketing team prompts client to extend campaign.

Founded in 1982 Microlise is the UK’s largest and most established provider of vehicle tracking, telematics and proof of delivery solutions. Microlise empower their customers with the ability to reduce their costs, minimise their environmental impact and provide excellent customer service by maximising the efficiency of their transportation operations.

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Project Background

Microlise was originally put in touch with The Telemarketing Company through Microsoft as part of Microsoft’s ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Partner Telesales Service.  At that time The Telemarketing Company was the selected telemarketing agency driving Microsoft’s demand generation service for their channel partners in the UK.  Microlise was one of the Microsoft partners to be offered this lead generation service, which creates and nurtures partners’ ongoing sales opportunities and drives ROI.

"I was introduced to The Telemarketing Company (TTMC) by Microsoft. At this time I was using another telemarketing company on other campaigns.

This gave me an opportunity to see if the money that I have been spending with my existing supplier was giving me the best return.

As with all telemarketing companies the return you will get will directly relate to the effort you put in, so on signing up with TTMC I spent a day educating the telemarketing team, who I most say were very proffessional and who very quickly understand the value proposition that they were about to promote.

During the campaign I received regular reports from the management team and more importantly regular phone calls to discuss issues and to ensure that grade A leads were followed up in a timely manner.

During the campaign I spent time with the team helping them refine their approach and the result of this was a very high call to appointment ratio. In fact, the results were so good I have ceased using my original supplier and have extended the campaign with TTMC.

I would be more than happy taking calls from anyone who is seriously considering working with TTMC to share my experiences and to help them get the best out of the engagement."

Director, Microlise Group Limited