Over 5000 DMC contacts successfully collected for complex multilingual market research project

Mettler Toledo is a global manufacturer and marketer of precision instruments for use in laboratory, industrial and food retailing applications. The company has a strong worldwide leadership position with a significant majority of their instrument sales in segments in which they are the global leader. In addition to a broad product offering Mettler Toledo are one of the largest global sales and service organisations among precision instrument companies.

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Project background

Following the launch of their new product the FluidCheK base container inspection unit, Mettler Toledo were looking to identify packers, fillers and manufacturers of fluid in the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries who have a need for x-ray inspection of fluids at the end of the production line.

After a previous successful multilingual project calling into Italy, Russia and France, The Telemarketing Company were a natural first choice for Mettler Toledo for this second B2B foreign language campaign, calling prospects supplied by the client within China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and India.

With our full time team of native language speakers and unrivalled track record for building fully trained multi-lingual project teams at short notice The Telemarketing Company worked carefully with Mettler Toledo to plan and execute the campaign.  Prior to launch, key areas were planned and agreed through a process of open exchange of information and ideas.  These areas were:

  • Timeframes during which the calls could be conducted in accordance with the time zones for each country.
  • The number of records required for each country to support native, multi-lingual speakers
  • The format and frequency of the data exchanges.

Project execution and results

Before the campaign could commence, The Telemarketing Company built a substantial team of native speakers for the listed Asian countries, ensuring they were available to work out of hours to coincide with the time difference of their particular country, along with a Team Manager to support them during their working day.

During this period, the Telemarketing Company set up the agreed script into a CATI platform, and thoroughly tested all aspects of the calling system.

Once the screens were approved, and native speakers had been sourced, The Telemarketing Company put the agents through a rigorous training program to ensure a good understanding of the client and their product was installed, familiarity of the script they were required to use, and the professional conduct that was expected of them.

The Telemarketing Company opened its doors at 6am (3 hours earlier than usual) every day for 3 months to ensure maximum penetration was achieved from the data in the given period.

The agents from The Telemarketing Company were required to call each company and verify whether the information Mettler Toledo supplied us with such as the Company Name and Address were correct, and further enhance the data by collecting 3 decision making contacts : Production Manager, Quality Manager, and their Technical Manager / Engineering Manager, their based at addresses, and their email addresses. There were also 6 market research questions to ask about the types of products these companies were involved with which were obtained through various multi choice responses outlined by Mettler Toledo.

The Telemarketing Company, using their unique in house built email verification program, tested all the emails collected to ensure the quality rates were of the highest standard.

On a daily basis The Telemarketing Company supplied Mettler Toledo with a written report offering an update on the results and the number of contacts obtained to date, supported by both verbal and electronic communication on progress for each of the Asian countries.

Ad hoc data extracts were also sent to Mettler Toledo over the course of the project to allow a prompt response from their sales force, followed by a final extract of the database at the end of the project covering all records received since the start of the project and their call outcomes.

The Telemarketing Company converted 62% of the callable data, which is expected of international calling, thus generating 5,340 DMC contacts in the appropriate industries for Mettler Toledo.

"We were in contact with several telemarketing service providers, but right from the start we only had the feeling of a professional, customer oriented and friendly approach with The Telemarketing Company. We are completely satisfied with the results of our complex global multilingual projects and would recommend to anyone to save time and look no further for your corporate telemarketing services provider."

PI Division Segment Marketing Manager, Mettler Toledo