Rigorous agent training proves successful as callers generate over 11,000 high quality sales leads for Marston Associates

Marston Associates is a business and property consultancy specialising in profit recovery. Marston Associates identifies and recovers significant sums, saving money into the future and providing key learnings for their clients, who range from property investors and institutions, to multiple retailers and service suppliers. Clients include Hilton Group PLC, Gamestation, Foot Locker and Daewoo.

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Project background

In the UK, Marston Associates wanted to find SME’s who were interested in help with challenging excessive business rates.

The Telemarketing Company was selected to provide a campaign to provide high quality leads for Marston Associates to follow up.

Prior to the project launch, the script for the agents to use on the phone, the daily export format in which to send back all those that requested a letter, the letter template to use for the mail outs and the documents that should be included in the mail were discussed and agreed.

As the initial project proved so successful, The Telemarketing Company has been chosen to carry out the same type of work across a number of years working closely with Marston Associates to plan and execute several campaigns spanning periods of around five months at a time.

Project execution and results

The Telemarketing Company set up the agreed script into a CATI platform, and thoroughly tested all aspects of the calling system.

Once the screens were approved, and the data supplied by Marston Associates had been imported, The Telemarketing Company put the agents through a rigorous training program to ensure a good understanding of the client and their service was instilled, familiarity of the script they were required to use, and the professional conduct that was expected of them.

The agents from The Telemarketing Company were required to call each company and verify their account details such as the Company Name and Address, confirm their yearly business rates figure for the property in question and the savings that could be realised, and obtain permission to send them a letter. Once permission had been granted, the agents then enhanced the data by collecting details of any other properties relating to the business account in question.

The Telemarketing Company supplied Marston Associates with a written report on a daily basis offering an update on the results and obtained to date, supported by both verbal and electronic communication on progress for throughout the campaign.

Data extracts were also sent to Marston Associates on a daily basis, as well as copies of the letters that had been sent. Ad-hoc data extracts were also produced over the course of the project to allow follow up of those we hadn’t managed to reach for various reasons such as a record having an Invalid Number.

The Telemarketing Company generated over 11,000 leads for Marston Associates to follow up.

"I have truly been impressed with the quality and delivery of communications to prospective clients and the transfer of data to us of potential leads. TTMC dealt with the management of information in a far more efficient manner than we could have ever done from day one; without the need for us to set up internal resources at a considerable expense we were able to concentrate on what we do best. I have now used TTMC for 3 projects and would not look to entertain another supplier. With TTMCs ‘cold call’ delivery we have generated sales well in excess of £1m in tandem with a very healthy profit margin. I do look upon them as part of my team and they have done a fantastic job. Thanks!"

Managing Director, Marston Associates