TTMC Research impresses with professionalism and years of experience ensuring that data cleanse and enhancement project is a success for world-leading manufacturer KROHNE.

KROHNE is a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of process measuring technology for the measurement of flow, mass flow, level, pressure and temperature as well as analytical tasks. Founded in 1921 and headquartered in Duisburg, Germany, the company employs over 3,000 people all over the world and is present on all continents.

When it comes to process measurement, their level of expertise is unique, not just in standard applications but also for those challenges that demand customised solutions. KROHNE has 15 production facilities, owns 43 companies and joint ventures and works with 55 exclusive representatives worldwide. This means you can deal with a contact or a local office wherever you are.

KROHNE LTD in the UK was established in 1976 and their UK sales team sells the complete KROHNE product range to the UK market. KROHNE UK is also a manufacturing site and it exports over 90% of its production.

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Project Background

KROHNE approached TTMC Research to undertake a data cleanse/enhancement project involving their potential customer contact database.

The database was created around 10 to 12 years ago, as KROHNE at the time had no system or process in place to capture information on the customers and potential customers who contacted them. In the past the database was consistently updated and maintained by the sales team at KROHNE however, over time, as the database increased, this process became difficult.

TTMC Research was selected to provide a data cleanse and enhancement project, which would support the main objective of supplying a current and cleansed contact database which could be used successfully for KROHNE’s future marketing purposes.

TTMC Research worked carefully with KROHNE to plan and execute an enhancement exercise of 2 weeks, which delivered the aspects required with a contacts list containing around 3500 contacts.

Prior to the project launch, many areas were planned and agreed through a process of open exchange of information and ideas.  These included:

  • Detailed discussions surrounding the method to conduct the enhancement.
  • Timeframes of when the enhancement should be implemented – to help increase the level of results and to minimize any disruptions to the organisations targeted.
  • How the completed results would be delivered back to KROHNE.

Project Execution and Results

When KROHNE first approached TTMC Research, their main objective was to work with an agency who could deliver their requirement of a completely cleansed customer database.  As the customer database provided by KROHNE incorporated multiple contacts who were employed with the same organisation, TTMC Research advised KROHNE that the most appropriate, and cost effective approach would be to conduct the project using a multi-contact approach whereby the database would be grouped into unique company records. This approach would minimise the amount of contact needed with each individual organisation as multiple contacts could be cleansed in one or two calls.

After detailed discussions surrounding the proposed approach, TTMC Research built and developed a bespoke CATi interface to deliver the cleanse process of the customer database. This platform was subjected to a vigorous testing process to ensure that the developed CATi platform and interface would ultimately support KROHNE’s objective of a cleansed and enhanced customer database. 

A selected research team was assembled and briefed extensively on the objectives of the research enhancement to ensure a high level of interaction was achieved with the respondent, thus aiding the degree of insight collected during each contact.

During each research interview the interviewers were tasked with the sole objective of cleansing all of the information already being held on each individual organisation and the customer(s) appended to them. This included the verification of the full address details, and to establish whether the customer contacts are still present at the organisation, and if not, establish if they have moved position, or whether they are no longer employed and to try and obtain the details of the person who has replaced them.  Once the correct contact was established for each organisation, each contact’s full details were verified/gathered including, title, full name, job title, and personal email address.

Every organisation that was successfully contacted, and completed through the CATi programme was also put through a quality checking process where it was manually checked for quality and accuracy. Alongside this QC procedure, all emails that were either, gathered as new, or emails that were supplied originally by KROHNE and were verified during the CATi programme, were verified for accuracy using TTMC Research’s “E-quality”, it’s proprietary email gathering verification system.

Extensive call monitoring, including live monitoring, was conducted throughout the duration of the research project to help identify any areas of the calling process which could be improved or changed, and to help improve the quality of information being captured. 

In addition to this, a minimum of at least 5% of all completed research interviews were carefully reviewed and monitored in accordance with the IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme), an independent organisation that ensures and maintains high standards of data collection within the Market Research Industry. 

The research project was conducted within the guidelines of the Market Research Society’s code of conduct, which ensures that industry best practice has been delivered on each call. All agents within the team were trained research agents having been trained in accordance with the Market Research Society’s Accredited Interviewer Training Scheme. 


Project Highlights

  • Existing contacts verified as current and contact information fully cleansed.
  • For out of date contacts: new contact gathered together with full information.

  • QC procedure applied to verify quality and accuracy of information for every contacted organisation.

  • Existing emails verified and new emails captured and verified using TTMC Research’s “E-quality” process.

  • Extensive call monitoring, including live monitoring.

  • Completed research interviews reviewed and monitored according to IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme)


"We chose TTMC to clean our database as from the initial contact they came across as a very professional and knowledgeable organisation. We asked TTMC to clean the data from our contacts database as it had become out-dated and it was proving too big a task and too time consuming to be completed in-house.

Our primary objective was to verify each contact on our database as it had become clear over time that many contacts were no longer valid. However, given the cost effectiveness and continuing trend towards digital marketing, it was important to us to confirm email addresses for those contacts that were still active.

We were very pleased with the results that TTMC provided and how quickly they completed the task. We are now confident that we have a clean database to proceed with our marketing activities."

Marketing Manager, KROHNE