Enormous success of lead generation campaign prompts ongoing relationship with Kensington Mortgage Group

Kensington Mortgage Group is an intermediary only lender, providing mortgages through regulated financial advisers. Their product /service portfolio includes both residential and buy-to-let mortgages.

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Project background

In the UK, Kensington Mortgage Company wanted to reposition themselves with brokers in a different segment of the market since returning to active lending after the 2008/9 credit squeeze and needed an effective method of announcing their return to market to a sizeable universe of independent financial advisers.

The Telemarketing Company was selected to provide a campaign to support these objectives by providing high quality demand generation services. The Telemarketing Company worked carefully with Kensington Mortgage Company to plan and execute a campaign of 5 weeks duration.

Project execution and results

The Telemarketing Company called data supplied by the client, which had been harvested directly from their internal CRM system. The database was a list of independent financial advisers who had registered with Kensington via their online portal but had been inactive or dormant for some time.

The campaign itself had a primary focus centred on the re-launch of the company and announcing this to the marketplace. The secondary objective was to provide additional information relevant to the prospects’ existing client bases in order to raise awareness and promote new business.

The Telemarketing Company held a number of email templates so that information regarding the proposition could be sent to any prospect who requested it. Relevant collateral was attached to the email based on the nature of the enquiry.

It quickly became apparent in the first few days of calling that the campaign was going to generate a high volume of leads with immediate business opportunities. Whilst lead generation was not the primary objective, The Telemarketing Company quickly alerted Kensington Mortgage Company to the situation and both parties worked together to restructure the campaign to accommodate this additional output.

The Telemarketing Company worked closely with the internal contact team at Kensington Mortgage Company and constant liaison was required to ensure that follow up was scheduled appropriately (in line with the immediacy of the requirement).  Leads were prioritised based on agreed criteria so that the internal consultants did not become overloaded in the short term. It was critical that this element was managed effectively to keep the process seamless and promote the efficiency of the brand.

An unobtrusive questioning process was utilised by The Telemarketing Company to harvest multiple pieces of information surrounding the prospect organisation and their client base. The individual lists had tailored questions attached to them specific to their previous interaction (or lack of) with Kensington Mortgage Company.

Every individual record with a lead status or further action required was sent to Kensington in granular format for review. Call recordings were added to an FTP server (for which specific logins and passwords were provided) to ensure that all stakeholders were able to access audio files whenever required.

During the campaign The Telemarketing Company generated significantly more leads and sent in excess of 1300 informative emails.

"I was very impressed with The Telemarketing Company and their dedication to client service and campaign delivery. We’re really pleased with the results and have gained a lot of knowledge through working with such a professional team. As a result of the campaign, we now plan to do further B2B activity through The Telemarketing Company and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to others seeking high quality B2B campaign delivery.”

Head of Marketing Communications, Kensington Mortgages