Event registration and Market Intelligence campaign maximises return on investment.

The Career Development Institute is the largest professional association for career guidance practitioners in the UK. The overriding vision of CDI is that career development is valued by Governments, employers and individual as the key to success in economic prosperity, social mobility and lifelong learning.

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Project background

The Career Development Institute engaged with The Telemarketing Company to promote attendance at their ICG Annual Conference. (At this time they were known as The Institute of Career Guidance.) The Conference and Exhibition is the showcase event that provides a unique opportunity for UK careers practitioners to get together to learn about new ideas and changes in the careers sector from politicians, researchers and leading experts in the field.

Employing telemarketing as a route to Conference was not an avenue that CDI had used previously and the campaign was put together swiftly to maximise return on investment. Using an internal membership database, which had been mailed and emailed, The Telemarketing Company called prospects both to drive them to Conference and to understand the reasons for non-attendance.    

Project execution and results

Seventy hours of calling were planned in the three weeks leading up to Conference and regular call recordings were sent to CDI to ensure that the messaging was not only spot on, but that the calling was seen as an extension of CDI. This is always important but was of heightened importance as some of the conversations were of a sensitive nature due to the difficulty of the economic climate. Some very good feedback was received about the fluidity of the messaging.

The Telemarketing Company sent out further email invites and drove an additional thirty-six individuals to registration, managing objections around cost and some negative feedback directed at one of the speakers.

At the end of the campaign recommendations were made regarding the nature of the database and how it could be structured differently to yield improved results. Market intelligence was also gleaned in the Education sector, with the first week of November being a particularly challenging time to attend a Conference due to the deadlines with UCAS applications.

“The Telemarketing Company were familiar to me from working with them in other organisations.  As usual, they responded to the brief promptly and professionally.  Calls set the right tone and presented potential attendees to the Annual Conference with a seamless and professional image.”

Chief Executive, Institute of Career Guidance