Sales lead generation team works closely with Luxury British Chocolatier, House of Dorchester, to ensure promotional campaign is a success.

House of Dorchester makes a range of scrumptious chocolate products for some of the UK’s leading hotels, restaurants, shops and venues and is enjoyed around the world. Specialising in bespoke chocolate products in boxes and individual bars in varying sizes and prices, House of Dorchester is mindful of its British heritage and remains true to its core values of quality, respect, provenance, service and design.

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Project background

Britain is a nation of chocolate lovers. We munched through £3.6billion worth of it last year. The average Brit eats 17.49llbs of chocolate per year and its popularity looks set to continue with an estimated 17% increase over the next five years.  An affordable luxury, chocolate is always a winner. 

Chocolate can be used for a variety of activities; events, gifts, promotional and marketing initiatives and incentives.

With the launch of the House of Dorchester’s Business in Chocolate initiative, the House of Dorchester approached The Telemarketing Company to promote a corporate service for personalised and promotional chocolates to be used in business.

Working closely with its clients, the House of Dorchester commits to creating memorable goods in the best possible quality, ideal for creative marketing campaigns and the perfect complement to any promotional event. This is a luxury item, created in Britain.


Project execution and results

Using lists provided by the House of Dorchester, The Telemarketing Company approached Events Managers, Conference Managers, Marketing Managers and the like to establish how they gift clients now and if they would consider chocolates as part of a personalised/promotional/marketing tool, when launching new products or services, exhibiting at exhibitions, for branding or simply as personalised gifting to clients.

The House of Dorchester briefed the team onsite, (with a fabulous array of chocolate!), and remained close to the calling throughout, providing regular and detailed feedback on each call recording and revisiting the Brighton site to do side by side call listening.  It soon became clear that volume was almost as important as quality, to get the name out when rebranding, and The Telemarketing Company worked hard to produce many good quality leads, both for gifting and events and for House of Dorchester to sponsor events.  The classification of leads was split into “Sales Lead” and “Hot Lead” so that immediate interest could be quickly identified in amongst so much volume. 

Interest was good and the first sale followed swiftly. There are plans to work together on future campaigns.  The House of Dorchester feels that The Telemarketing Company acted as an extension of their own team.  

"What a pleasure it was to work with Nicola Catt and her team. Alex was exceptional and it did not take her long to sound like she was part of the team at HOD. I was extremely impressed with her telephone manner and charm – it was a delight listening to the call recordings. I would highly recommend The Telemarketing Company – and look forward to doing business with them again soon."

Business Development Manager at House of Dorchester