High quality lead generation and demonstration appointments win numerous follow up campaigns

Goupil Industrie is the European leader in terms of electric vehicles with 5000 vehicles in circulation. Goupil, develops, assembles and markets the vehicles for use by local governments, industry and leisure activities.


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Project background

Gouplil Industrie wanted to target the UK and identify new opportunities in relevant sectors arranging appointments and demonstrations for their dealers.

After visiting multiple telemarketing companies across the country Goupil selected The Telemarketing Company to provide a campaign to support their objective: High quality demonstration appointments.

The Telemarketing Company worked carefully with Goupil to plan and execute a campaign targeting various public and private sector customers.  Prior to the campaign launch there was an open exchange of information and ideas and integrated use of digital collateral.  Our callers were then briefed and trained. 

Project execution and Results

Following the initial pilot, there have been numerous successive campaigns.  The most recent of which ran as follows:

  • We targeted sites using data supplied by Goupil.
  • Due to the multiple potential uses of the product we targeted a variety of different departments within those organisations.
  • By focusing on potential usages, we were able to find our way to the correct decision makers and key influencers.
  • Where required, we sent out emails using text and links supplied by Goupil. These were then followed up to secure appointments for on site demonstrations.
  • By sending call recordings to the client, we were able to use their feedback to ensure our callers were dealing with objections the right way and delivering the message in line with Goupil’s company branding. 

In this latest campaign we booked 22 demonstrations in circa 170 hours.  The feedback has been good from Goupil who have indicated that in many cases these have led to referrals for other appointments.

"I visited 9 different Telemarketing companies across the country before appointing The Telemarketing Company. We have been using them now for 2 years, and I have to say they are now part of our sales strategy as a preferred way of generating leads. The Telemarketing Company stands out from many other telesales agencies mainly through their high level of professionalism, and honesty.  Their feedback is quick and accurate, and they even go the extra mile by giving us genuine advice on what we should improve in our targeting. I definitely recommend them for their attitude, efficiency and transparency in pricing."

Sales Manager, Goupil Industrie, Northern Europe