Quality appointment setting opens doors into some of the UK’s most prestigious companies for Euro Energy Services.

Euro Energy Services provides energy saving technologies to businesses, providing fully accredited services throughout the UK. As energy management specialists, the firm provides energy efficiency strategies and retrofits that deliver commercial gain and reputational benefit to its customers throughout all industry sectors.

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Project background

In the UK, Euro Energy Services wanted to capitalise on opportunities within commercial organisations with over 100 staff, occupying energy inefficient buildings with heating and cooling. The focus was to be cross sector but with specific emphasis on Hotels, Retail, Education and Offices (including call centres)

The Telemarketing Company was selected to provide a campaign to support these objectives by providing high quality appointments and sales leads that met multiple criteria within specific areas such as number of staff, working hours, ownership of the building, energy spend & type of Energy Certificate held.

Project execution and results

  •  The Telemarketing Company helped to source the campaign data and built a calling platform and contact strategy (including email contact) to drive results.
  • The Telemarketing Company worked carefully with Euro Energy Services to plan and execute a trial campaign over 5 weeks with one telemarketer. Following review this pilot was extended by a further 12 weeks using 2 telemarketers.
  • Calling began on completely cold data, with careful building of a pipeline of interested prospects which were warmed up through repeated phone and email contact until fully qualified.
  • Most results were generated through this pipeline build process and involved detailed interaction with multiple contacts at each organisation.
  • Criteria included energy spend, the size of the building, age, what building certificate was held, number of employees & whether the company used central heating or other types of heating
  • Capturing this detailed profiling information enabled a detailed picture of the opportunity to be built. Part way through the calling this was enhanced further by asking about energy use and the split between office and production usage.
  • As the campaign progressed the calling became more sector specific, allowing the targeting of larger companies with direct and relevant messaging
  • Selected calls were shared and reviewed with Euro Energy Services on a regular basis, in addition with recordings along with recordings for every lead and appointment generated.
  • 66 Appointments & 5 Telephone Leads were produced, including opportunities with Asda, Sainsburys & McDonalds.

“We selected The Telemarketing Company because they have a proven background, impressive client portfolio and communication from the outset was extremely professional and responsive. They took the time to understand our company, product and service, consolidating this vital background information within a thorough pre-campaign questionnaire in order to embrace our brand. I'm confident that this approach was a contributing factor to the success of the campaign.

Communication has been excellent with all contacts at The Telemarketing Company, from account set up, to the selection of data and through to the general day to day management of our account. Our account manager has been responsive and quick to implement campaign feedback with the team and with regular updates, reports and conference calls, it felt like The Telemarketing Company were an extension of our company.

The consistency of quality appointments generated has been outstanding. The Telemarketing Company have opened the doors into many of the UK's largest and most prestigious companies.  Sales pipeline generated as a result has been phenomenal.

Outsourcing to specialist B2B telemarketers has accelerated our ability to reach our target markets without distracting from our core competencies.   

We're looking forward to working with The Telemarketing Company on future campaigns.”

Business Development Manager, Euro Energy Services