High Quality Appointment Setting generates $2.7 million for Brush Electrical Machines

Brush Electrical Machines Ltd is the largest independent manufacturer of turbo generators in the world with manufacturing plants in the UK, Netherlands and the Czech Republic. BRUSH has been at the forefront of the power generation industry for over 130 years providing world class products, combining the resources of three major manufacturers of generators for gas turbine, steam turbine and hydro-turbine drive. With 130 years experience in the manufacture of power generation equipment, Brush offers a complete range of controllers to meet the most demanding specifications for brushless and static excitation systems

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Project background

With a longstanding relationship with The Telemarketing Company, Brush approached the agency to launch a new Electronics Parts Catalogue (EPC) for their Aftermarket Campaign, allowing clients to find and order parts quickly and easily via their online facility.

Following this initial campaign, The Telemarketing Company became the agency of choice supporting Brush’s sales and marketing strategy both to existing and potential new clients in a number of markets worldwide. Positioning themselves as ‘Brush’, The Telemarketing Company were briefed to reinforce Brush’s world class reputation and extend their offerings with a tailored proposition for a variety of applications including Geothermal, Biomass, Simple and Combined Cycle Gas Turbines. Outcomes targeted have varied but the overall approach has been to generate high quality leads for Brush’s Regional Sales Managers, a refreshed profiled database, alongside valuable insight including, for example, details of current systems and usage to support future opportunities.

Subsequently, the Brush team launched the VF (Very Flexible/Fast) Owners Programme, which aims to develop the existing customer base and improve retention rates with a superior service offering and increased freedom of choice and flexibility for key customers.

Project execution

The Telemarketing Company were asked to support this initiative and worked with Brush to plan and execute a campaign targeting Plant and Maintenance Managers at existing sites in the US and Canada, with a Brush generator over 10 years old. The objectives of the campaign were to:

  • Increase engagement with existing customers through an enhanced service range and preferential rates.
  • Book high quality appointments to feed new business and penetration goals.
  • Gain market insight – for example, an improved understanding of competitor service offerings, dates for the next planned inspection, failure rates of existing equipment.
  • A refreshed database - callers were tasked to capture and update key decision maker information.

With multiple objectives, proactive account management has been essential throughout the campaign to-date. Data management is also a priority to ensure added value in the form of refreshed, profiled database. The close working relationship and communication between client and agency has been essential in the effective implementation of the campaign, with call recordings, regular reviews and reporting providing a continuous feedback loop to optimise results.


Plant manager contacts at large power plants are naturally hard to reach and the average time taken to get through to the correct Decision Maker has been one contact reached every 2.1 hours. However, when contact has been made, results for the current (VF) campaign have been impressive.

  • Of 482 contacts reached, 240 leads have been generated – a conversion rate of around 50%.
  • 315 Decision Maker email addresses have been captured.
  • 900 updates have been made to Decision Maker fields - First name, Surname, Salutation.

“We have been extremely happy with performance and ROI. The VF campaign alone has generated around $2.7million in revenue from an investment of around $38,000.

From the start of the relationship, The Telemarketing Company has worked as an extension of our team, rather than an outsourced agency. They are always efficient, engaging and responsive and with the level of trust we now have, we are looking to extend the campaign into other geographical regions, including the Middle East.

We have looked at other channels and approaches but telemarketing really works for us because it is personal – people like to hear from people and we know we are making a connection with the right people. There is a deeper level of engagement and the two-way channel is a strong mechanism for communicating our proposition fully and clarifying detail as required”.

Business Development Manager

Brush Electrical Machines Limited