Close collaboration ensures success of lead generation campaign for vendor-independent managed equipment service provider Asteral.

Asteral was established in 2001 as a healthcare business created specifically to deliver asset finance solutions to the NHS. This offered structured finance solutions to underpin major long-term service projects. Asteral’s primary focus has moved from financing medical equipment to the provision of medical equipment related services.

Stethoscope Asteral

Project background

Asteral is the leading vendor-independent managed equipment service (MES) provider to the NHS and the firm’s primary business is the supply, installation and maintenance of medical equipment across all modalities. Asteral’s main offering, MES, incorporates a managed/multi vendor service (MVS) and managed maintenance service (MMS) as well as planning consultancy, equipment auditing and remarketing of products.

The Telemarketing Company was selected to promote Ultrasound Managed Maintenance Services, which provides maintenance for clients’ Ultrasound systems from their existing OEM suppliers.

Project execution and results

The data was purchased by The Telemarketing Company on Asteral’s behalf, and was based around Healthcare Radiology Imaging (Ultrasound) in NHS Hospitals and Trusts. In the first instance the focus was on budgetary decision makers in Radiology.

As the campaign progressed and the mapping of organisations developed, it became clear that the pool of decision makers was diverse and authority could rest with contacts anywhere from Radiology, Imaging, Finance and Procurement, through to Day Services, Medical Devices and Medical Engineering.

Contracts are usually renewed on April 1st and the campaign ran in March, so a close working relationship between Asteral and The Telemarketing Company was crucial, not only to ensure that the campaign ” hit the ground running” but also to ensure flexible diary management so as not to miss any opportunities.  It was also crucial that the messaging was tight enough to target Ultrasound requirements and not all of Radiology.  This was important because whilst quotes could be provided for the whole of Radiology, the lead-time would have been longer.

The campaign duration was 140 hours and the calling produced 29 quality new business opportunities for Asteral.

“The Telemarketing company impressed us from day one with their professional and focused approach.  They took the time to ensure that they understood our initial brief and the resulting campaign was delivered to a very high standard.  Constant communication ensured that we were able to make subtle changes to the way calls were made in order to maximise success.  Their professional and dedicated staff delivered leads in excess of our expectations in terms of both volume and quality.  We would certainly use them again and recommend them to all (with the exception of our competition!)

Radiology Service Development Manager, Asteral