Appointment setting and lead generation campaign brings immediate results and a strong pipeline of future opportunities for Ardentia

Ardentia, a division of IMS Health, supplies business intelligence solutions to providers and commissioners of acute and mental healthcare services. Ardentia’s web based solutions give healthcare managers and senior clinicians the powerful insight required to understand variations in service delivery, identify opportunities to cut waste and to make better decisions in order to deliver the highest quality care and improvements to patient outcomes in the most cost effective way. IMS Health is the leading provider of information, services and technology for the healthcare industry, covering markets in 100+ countries around the world.

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Project Background

The Telemarketing Company was selected to work on two solution specific campaigns for Ardentia: 

  • Mental Health Reporting
  • Patient Level Costing (PLICS)

The focus for each campaign was to build awareness of Ardentia’s solutions with clinicians and managers within the NHS Acute and Mental Health Trusts and ultimately to arrange fully qualified appointments.

  • Ardentia’s Mental Health Reporting provides Trusts with the ability to accurately analyse service user activity. It provides managers with the insight they need to be able to plan service resources effectively and identify opportunities where changes to service delivery can be made in order to help improve the quality of care they provide.
  • Ardentia’s Patient Level Costing (PLICS) Solution enables clinicians and managers to identify and understand cost implications of variations in service and pinpoint areas of inefficiency by analysing costs at patient level. They can then realise true cost savings and achieve CIP targets by driving real transformational change to frontline services to deliver high quality care in the most cost effective way.

Project execution and results          

The calling data was provided to TTMC by Ardentia and the initial focus was on finding and confirming relevant budgetary decision makers in the Trusts.

The Mental Health reporting campaign was 175 hours in duration and we produced 14 fully qualified leads during this time – equivalent to one lead in every 12.5 hours.

The follow up PLICS reporting campaign was also 175 hours in length and generated 22 fully qualified leads, equivalent to one lead for every 7.95 hours of calling.

During the course of each campaign a secondary objective was to capture detailed information on decision makers’ current arrangements, their budget cycles and other areas of interest. This ensured that both immediate results and a strong pipeline of future opportunities were passed back to Ardentia to follow up at the end of each campaign.


"Healthcare business intelligence solutions are a complex proposition, involving a number of KDMs all facing their own day to day challenges. So I was delighted with the results The Telemarketing Company were able to deliver for us.

From the outset The Telemarketing Company’s comprehensive approach, briefing process and calling structure were second to none. I had full visibility of campaign progress and –with the availability of call recordings, appointment/ lead sheets and access to a dedicated, professional account manager- I had the opportunity to review and suggest positive changes in real time!  The Telemarketing Company don’t just deliver the numbers. They work hard to understand the market we’re in and use their skill and expertise to help us maximise every opportunity from each campaign."

Marketing Manager, Ardentia