Targeted approach and in-depth briefing generates appointments and seminar attendees

Based in Chelmsford, Essex, Advance Wealth was founded in December 2008 to give the UK a trusted financial services organisation that truly listens with empathy and fully understands the client’s needs. Offering a whole range of products and services including Financial Advice, Wealth Management Advice and Retirement planning, Advance Wealth recognises that clients have, in many cases, been treated poorly by the financial services industry.

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Project background

Aiming to look after clients by making regular, personalised telephone or, when requested, face-to-face contact to re-engage the client, earn their trust and build or secure their financial health from the first contact to the end of their lives.  Advance Wealth is committed to a proactive approach and will never take loyalty for granted.

Advance Wealth approached The Telemarketing Company to run an initial campaign producing Appointments for Advance Wealth to promote their services.

The campaign was split into two parts with separate data for each, the first targeting SME business owners across the UK and the second high net worth individuals.

A subsequent campaign drove attendees to a breakfast seminar for solicitors hosted by Advance Wealth.  The main topic of discussion was “The threats and opportunities arising from the Legal Services Act"' led by Ian Muirhead, Director SIFA. Attendance counted towards CPD.

Project execution and results

The Telemarketing Company is FCA regulated, and acted very carefully to ensure that all calls were positioned as introductory and that neither actual advice, nor anything that could be interpreted as advice was given.

The briefing stage was important to ensure callers had a good understanding of the more complex aspects of the proposition and were prepared to address specific pain points during the call. A separate detailed brief was prepared for each segment so that the proposition could be tailored for each scenario. The objective was to set appointments for a free review to ensure client’s funds were optimised based on the latest market conditions, maximising returns on any existing pensions or investments.

Regular call recordings were sent to Advance Wealth for review and advice, as well as call listening on site.  The Telemarketing Company had access to Business Development Managers’ diaries, and managed the process of booking the appointments in.  On top of the appointments produced, The Telemarketing Company passed over several leads and future opportunities.

With event campaign, Advance Wealth had already tested the water before coming to The Telemarketing Company to drum up further attendees, for what turned out to be a very successful event. The Legal Services Act 2007 seeks to liberalise and regulate the market for legal services in England and Wales, to encourage more competition and to provide a new route for consumer complaints. 

Client Testimonial

"I was very impressed with the Telemarketing Company. They were very flexible in their approach firstly helping us generate appointments with targeted prospects, then with helping us generate attendees for a seminar we ran. I was particularly happy with their desire to really listen and understand our business before undertaking any of the campaigns as well as their open approach to working to ensure that our campaigns worked as successfully as possible. I would strongly recommend The Telemarketing Company to anyone".