Market knowledge, staff professionalism and excellent reporting enable 360T to surpass previous lead generation results.

360T is an independent and globally established provider of web-based trading technology for OTC (Over-The-Counter) instruments, integration solutions and related services. Since its inception in 2000, the company has developed and maintained a state-of-the-art multi-bank portal for Foreign Exchange and Money Market products and FX/Interest Rate Derivates.

Trading 360T

Project Background

360T´s secure global transaction network enables clients to trade with greater transparency and enhanced control at every stage of the trading lifecycle. The company also offers licensing of a hosted White Label trading technology between a scalable group of price takers and either proprietary price providers or a rich choice of back-to-back liquidity sources.

360T selected The Telemarketing Company to deliver a targeted lead generation campaign to support continued growth. 360T considered a number of companies and chose The Telemarketing Company based on professionalism and general business approach of the staff and company. In addition, at least one member of the team had a good understanding of the FX market, which helped differentiate The Telemarketing from other agencies.

The aim of the campaign, during a busy period for 360T, was to have The Telemarketing Company generate new leads so that the internal team could devote more attention to closing new business and looking after the existing client base.

Project Execution and Results

The campaign focused on several of the company’s state-of-the-art multi bank trading systems. The brief was targeted according to client profile, depending on whether the client was already using electronic trading platforms or not. During each call, agents applied solution selling techniques to identify pain points and present a range of benefits such as system integration, greater efficiency and time savings to address corresponding pain points. Given a quite complex proposition, it was helpful to have a level of understanding of the FX market within the team.

360T had run lead generation campaigns previously but were particularly impressed with campaign reporting provided by The Telemarketing Company on this project. The level of detail and precision surpassed all expectations and provided insight throughout so that the campaign could be optimised. Results were far better than previous campaigns.

Q. Why did you choose The Telemarketing Company over our competitors?

A. The professionalism of the staff and the general approach to business was much better that the competition

Q. How did The Telemarketing Company’s approach inspire confidence in our ability to deliver the required results?

A. The fact that at least one member of your staff had an understanding of the FX market helped considerably.

Q. What has been your experience during the running of the campaigns?  E.g. how did you find the reporting during the campaign, did it fit in with your internal operations?

A. The reporting surpassed anything which I was expecting. It is clear, precise and to the point. Very informative and useful

Q. How have you found the results and do you feel these and The Telemarketing Company have met your required framework?

A. The results are far better than those which we have obtained from other campaigns

Q. How has using The Telemarketing Company and running these campaigns specifically benefited your organisation?

A. We are extremely busy and having the telemarketing Company generate our next batch of leads has allowed us to devote more attention to closing new business and to looking after our existing client base.

Q. How many potential business wins has running this campaign has provided you with?

A. The campaign generated 32 qualified sales leads - We normally have a better than 90% conversion rate of leads to clients.