Hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of new business generated by specialist lead generation team for Microsoft partner 21C

21C (now Ascribe) are an IT Consultancy and solutions provider who specialise in delivering NHS Business Intelligence portals based upon the Microsoft Business Intelligence software stack. 21C demystify business intelligence by delivering solutions, packaged or through consultancy engagements that connect healthcare professionals with their data and enable them to access information in ways best suited to them.

21C Image TTMC

Project Background

21C has a wealth of experience putting in place Information Management (IM) Solutions and had isolated various areas of potential interest for a framework solution. Their objective was to speak to and book appointments with high-level decision making contacts with a willingness to consider implementation within the next 12-18 months.

As a Microsoft Certified Partner, 21C were able to take advantage of the successful partnership Microsoft had with The Telemarketing Company. As one of the preferred UK agencies for delivering telemarketing campaigns for their channel partners, The Telemarketing Company assisted well over 100 Microsoft Partners to improve their sales pipelines and witness significant returns on their investment. 21C were able to take advantage of The Telemarketing Company's wealth of experience in this demanding speciality of calling.

The Results

After their initial campaign, 21C went on to work with The Telemarketing Company multiple times over a period of two years. This repeat business speaks volumes for The Telemarketing Company's ability in achieving the required results and continued inspiration of confidence in our clients.

"Working with The Telemarketing Company has provided a seamless, outsourced telemarketing capability that fits the 21C business model. After two consecutive 30-day campaigns, The Telemarketing Company were able to identify 19 new and well-qualified opportunities for our BI business. Some of these opportunities were closed quickly and gave us an immediate return on our marketing investment with Microsoft and The Telemarketing Company. We estimate that our opportunity pipeline, populated by The Telemarketing Company, has a value to 21C of approximately one million pounds, of which we expect to win sales to a minimum value of £500K."

Sales Director, 21C