How we've helped a few of our clients

  • Commercial Director

    Cash Score

    “We closed a good level of deals from the leads provided and made an excellent return on our investment. I would have no hesitation in recommending The Telemarketing Company to other companies looking to ...”
  • PI Division Segment Marketing Manager

    Mettler Toledo

    “We are completely satisfied with the results of our complex global multilingual projects and would recommend to anyone to save time and look no further for your corporate telemarketing services provider. ”
  • Marketing Manager


    “The Telemarketing Company don’t just deliver the numbers - they work hard to understand the market we’re in and use their skill and expertise to help us maximise every opportunity from each campaign.”
  • Director of Sales


    “As a result of the campaign, we have introduced Embarque to numerous new companies in areas we would never have contacted without The Telemarketing Company's help”